Debugging & Consulting

While working with numerous business we discovered a big communication and understanding gap between Business/Product Owners and Development or Marketing agencies.

As a result, business people don’t start a project due to the lack of understanding or knowledge. Often, they tend to believe that the project is impossible to be completed.

With experience since 2007, G&B delivers digital marketing consulting for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. The purpose is help enterprises understand opportunities and capabilities of Digital Tools (Google Analytics, Social Media, Google AdWords etc.) and implement them successfully without hustle, and without having to change their business goals.

Until today we have delivered numerous personalized counseling sessions and in-house seminars with huge success and we have completed numerous projects that started with the quote..”We know this cannot be done..”

Our expertise on delivering training and project debugging makes our services practical and easy to understand, focusing in creating the base for expansion and observable results.

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